A great program that helps you read, download, create and upload e-books
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This great piece of software provides you with an interactive and animated way to read your e-books. You can view all of your magazines in multiple ways: you can flip every page or you can horizontally or vertically slide every page. No matter what mode you choose, you don't have to click every time you want to turn a page (or slide the page). You can do this much easier by using the mouse scroll.

If you come across an item that catches your attention and you want to view it better, this program offers you the possibility to zoom in (by holding both left and right mouse buttons) the respective article.

This piece of software allows you to download hundreds of free e-books easier than ever. You no longer have to search on the Internet for a certain e-book. Just click on the "download e-books" button and search for the book you want.

Another feature that this program offers you is the fact that you can create your own e-books. You can do this by converting PDF files, photo collections or archived picture files (ZIP or RAR files) to .mart files, the supported e-book format. You can also insert all kinds of ads in order to catch the reader's full attention.

To sum it all up, this great piece of software can help you read, download, create and upload all kinds of e-books with great ease.

Tyler Vidd
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